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Municipal Court

  1. Ask a Question Online

    Allows defendant to ask questions, submit comments.

  2. Court Continuance Request

    Allows defendants to submit a request for a virtual hearing conference, an in person hearing, or to request a reset a scheduled case.

  3. Juror Reset/Exemption Request

    A form to allow jurors to electronically submit their reset requests and exemptions.

  4. Request an Extension to Pay

    Allows defendants to submit a request an extension.

  5. Request for Community Service

    Allows defendants to submit a request for community service,

  6. Submit a Tip to the City Marshals

    Allows citizens submit tips to the City of Baytown Marshals

  7. Witness Subpoena Request

    Allows defendants / attorneys submit Witness Subpoena Requests.

  1. Change of Information

    Allows defendants to update the Court on new address.

  2. Indigency Application

    If you are unable to resolve your citation and doing so would cause an undo hardship on you and/or your family, complete and submit... More…

  3. Letter of Representation Submission

    Allows attorneys to upload or submit a letter of representation.

  4. Request for an Interpreter

    Allows defendants / attorneys submit Interpreter requests.

  5. Request for Recording of Court Proceedings

    Allows defendants / attorneys submit Request for Recording of Court Proceedings

  6. Submit Feedback

    Allows defendants to submit feedback to the court