Public Meetings & Agenda Packets

Due to the COVID 19 Disaster and the CDC's recommendation regarding social distancing measures, the public may not be allowed to be physically present at this meeting, as there is a limited amount of space when maintaining the required 6-feet separation from others. For those members of the public that cannot or do not wish to be physically present at the meeting, they will be able to participate through two-way communications. To attend the meeting via video conference, please use zoom, click on "join a meeting" on the top right hand corner, and input the Meeting ID number listed on the selected agenda. To attend the meeting via telephone, please use the following toll-free number: 1-888-788-0099, Meeting ID Number listed on the selected agenda.

Any person interested in speaking on any item on the agenda must submit his/her request via email to the City Clerk.  The request must include the speaker's name, address, and phone number that will be used if teleconferencing as well as the agenda item number.  The request must be received prior to the posted time of the meeting.

The agenda, agenda packets, minutes and video for Baytown meetings can be accessed through the electronic agenda program below.  Please click on the hyperlinks to access the information.  Agenda packets are available in both HTML and PDF formats and include all supporting documentation for each agenda item.