Water and Sewer Impact Fees

The City of Baytown City Council passed Ordinance 9854 on August 26, 2004, which enacted impact fees. These fees went into effect on September 5, 2004. 

Summary Process :

If the new development is platted before the adoption of an impact fee and a valid building permit is issued within one year of the adoption of the impact fee, no impact fees may be collected.

  • If the new development is not platted before the adoption of the impact fee and water & wastewater capacity is available, impact fees will be assessed before or at the time of recordation of a subdivision plat.
  • If the new development is located within our corporate limits, impact fees shall be collected at the time of the building permit is issued, if such building permit is required.
  • If the new development is not located within our corporate limits impact fees shall be collected at time of application for meter connection to our water or wastewater system.

Please Note: To determine the total impact fee that may apply to your project you must use the below formula by selecting the type of meter needed to calculate the total impact fee due for each Equivalent Development Unit (EDU).

  • EDU is equal to 5/8 inch Meter.
  • Formula (Ratio to 5/8 inch Meter times Impact Fee per EDU = Total Impact Fee for each EDU)

EDU Equivalencies for Various Types and Sizes of Water Meters

Meter TypeMeter Size in inchesContinuous Duty Minimum Rate Gallons Per Minute (GPM)Ration to 5/8 inch Meter
Simple5/8 to 3/4 101
Simple3/4 151.5
Simple1 1/2505

Note: Meter Vault required (with Bi Pass Meter) for 2 inch and larger meters.

Water & Wastewater Impact Fee

ServiceImpact Fee per EDU
Water$ 1,087.00
Wastewater$ 2,437.00
Impact Fee per EDU$ 3,524.00