Juror Information

Jury Duty

"The men and women who are called upon to serve on juries in both our federal and state courts have maintained a standard of fairness and excellence throughout the history of our country. They have demonstrated a vision and a will toward the administration of justice that is a wellspring of inspiration."

-U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren (1962)

  1. What to Expect

Process and Procedures for Jury duty

  • You will need to have your Juror Questionnaire completed before checking in.
  • You will sign-in with a court clerk after the Court Bailiff opens the doors. 
  • You will be summoned to the Courtroom if selected for jury duty.
  • You will be required to adhere to the Municipal Court Rules and Dress Code
  1. Juror Qualifications
  1. Juror Exemptions
  1. Request an Exemption