Text Reminders

1. Text the word SIGNUP to 281-402-3792

2. Wait for response then text your library card number.

  • Texts will only be sent to you when activity on your account triggers a message.
  • Receive text notices about items available to pick up, items due soon, overdue items and fines.
  • Send a text to see your account’s expiration date.

The library does not charge a fee for this service, but your cell phone plan’s regular text-messaging rates apply.

See the Email Notices Page to receive alerts in your in-box.

  1.  Messages
  2. En español
  3. New phone?

Respond to Shoutbomb or begin a text to 281-402-3792

General Service: 

  • HELP – List of messages and how to use each one
  • QUIT – Unregister with prompts
  • STOP – Unregister no prompts
  • NOTICES – Current status of all opt in/out services
  • RESEND - Get the last message again
  • SIGNUP – Register to receive messages
  • SWITCHPHONE – Update phone or provider
  • TEST - Test the connection

Opt In / Opt Out to Notices:

  • FEES – Fines or fees of $5 or greater are added to an account
  • HOLDS – Item placed on Hold ready for pickup
  • OVERDUE - Item is overdue
  • RENEW – Items are due for renewal or return in 2 days. Repeated the day before item(s) due.

Holds & Renewals: 

  • CI – List of items not eligible for renewal
  • CN – List of items due soon
  • HL – Holds ready for pick up
  • OI – List of overdue items not eligible for renewal
  • ON – List of overdue items
  • OW – Number of overdue items not eligible for renewal & why
  • RW – Number of items not eligible for renewal and why

Your Account: 

  • ADDCARD - Add additional cards to your text message account
  • DROPCARD - Remove a card added to your account
  • IOWEU – See the amount of current fees/fines
  • MYCARDS - Get the card number(s) and expiration date(s) of the accounts.