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Agricultural Producer Vendor Application

  1. Someone who can act as your representative.
  2. Farmer / Vendor Details*
    Product Type (Check all that apply.)
  3. General description. Specific products will be listed in another section of the application
  4. Which months will you attend?

    The Market at Town Square is a year round market. Check all that apply:

  5. Does Baytown Farmers Market have your permission to use your information and pictures of your booth and products on social media and/or its website, and other media and forms of promotion and advertising?
  6. Farming Practice*
  7. Products List

    It is imperative that all items you intend to sell at the Market at Town Square be listed, as well as the approximate dates of availability. To help avoid an abundance of like-products (except with produce) at the market, please provide a detailed description of the product.

  8. Take a screenshot and attach as a picture.
  9. Not required but strongly encouraged to submit

  10. Submission optional. If you are unable to do this at the time of submitting the Application, advise the Market Manager, via email, as to when the permits/licenses will be provided.
  11. Vendor Acknowledgement

    By signing below, I certify that all of the statements made herein are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Application is hereby made to the Market at Town Square in good faith.

  12. Thank you for your submission.

    The vetting of applications is conducted by the Baytown Parks and Recreation Department, and depending on when you submit your application it may take up to 1 month to receive a final response.

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