Planning & Development Services


2401 Market St
Baytown, TX 77520


Name Title Email Phone
Scribner, Martin Director of Planning & Development Services 281-420-5394
Chavis, Chris Assistant Director of Planning & Development Services 281-420-5394
Davidson, RJ Assistant Director of Planning & Development Services 281-420-5394
Linder, Francesca Neighborhood Planning Manager 281-420-5396
Start, Zac Chief Building Official 281-420-5370
Baptiste, Cynthia Code Enforcement Manager 281-420-6696
Rose, Sharon Community Development Supervisor 281-420-5390
Mongiello, Nai Planning Technician 281-420-6556
Torres, Mayra Building Services Administrative Assistant 281-420-6560
Desierto, Ronnie Building Services Inspector I 281-420-5360
Vercher, Beverly Building Services Inspector I 281-420-6555
Montalvo, Adriana Development Services Specialist 281-420-7156
Clare, Randy Plans Review Specialist 281-420-5393
Martinez, Esmeralda Permit Specialist I 281-420-6537
Perez, Leslie Permit Specialist I 281-420-6537
Spurgers, Glen Building Services Inspector IV 281-420-6543
Flores, Jose (Freddy) Deputy Building Official 281-420-7158
Warner, Shelley Administrative Assistant 281-420-5394
Center, Permit   281-420-6537
Development Services, Community   281-420-5398
Services, Planning   281-420-6556
Devaney, Bradley Building Services Inspector I 281-420-5391
Devaney, Veronica Permit Specialist I 281-420-5397
Harlow, Trevor Planner II 281-420-5378
Glosser, Thomas Building Services Inspector I 281-420-6538
Smith, Michael Building Inspector I 281-420-5842
Salem, Lamyaa Planner II 281-420-7168
Spell, Taylor Development Services Specialist 281-420-7158
Lyons, Tristan Planner I 281-420-7171
Bresee, Thomas Demolition & Housing Inspector 281-420-5392
Boeker, Kim Community Development Generalist 281-420-6558
Blanchat, Stephanie Permit Specialist I 281-420-8113