Summer Camps

Baytown Nature Center: $75/camp

1st-3rd Grades 8am-12pm

  • June 14-18 Young Naturalists: Spend the week becoming a naturalist!  Go birding and fishing, learn how to identify insects, fish, and plants, and have a great time learning about our environment.
  • June 28-July 2 Spiders, Slugs, and Really Cool BugsCampers will explore the wonderful world of insects. What is a bug? What is an insect? What do they eat? Join us for a week of collecting and identifying the smallest inhabitants of the Nature Center.

4th-6th Grades 6-10pm

  • June 21-25 June Bugs: Do wasps sleep? Why do June bugs act so crazy? Are all moths brown? Enjoy a week of camp when the nocturnal insects wake up. Learn about different insects and bugs through baiting and collection.
  • July 12-16 Night Owls: We all know the early bird gets the worm, but what do Night Owls get? They get a week of birding fun! Learn about prehistoric birds and what they have in common with today’s avians. Add to your bird list, or start a new one as we learn about the birds that call Baytown home.

7-th-10th Grades 6-10pm

  • July 19-23 Eco-Warriors: Do wonder how you can help the Earth and protect the environment? This week of camp offers solutions to environmental issues our community faces each day.  Campers will learn leadership skills and how to protect our environment though fun conservation competitions!