Coming to Court

Baytown Municipal Court
  1. Court Security

Please note that you will pass through the court security check point. This includes searches of strollers, bags, purses, briefcases and any other personal items as required by security personnel. These security measures are in place to ensure the safety of all persons who enter the courtrooms.

The following items are prohibited in the Baytown Municipal Courtrooms and should be left in your vehicle

  • Cell phones, cameras, tape recorders, or other mechanical recording devices
  • Any type of weapons, including mace and tasers
  • Any sharp objects, including knives, tweezers
  • Beverages containers or food
  1. Court Rules & Dress Code
  1. Court Procedures
  1. Know Your Rights

Interpreter Services

If you need the services of an interpreter, please notify the court clerk prior to your appearance in court.

Note: The Municipal Court does not answer any legal questions of any nature. The court personnel are only allowed to explain court proceedings and procedures. If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.

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