Capital Improvement Bid Calendar


Scope of Work

Cost Estimate

Bid Schedule
Citizens Bank Reconstruction

Utility Service offices


1st quarter

Neighborhood Street Reconstruction- Fairway Dr. and Savell Dr.

Concrete roadway replacement, sidewalks and barrier free access


1st quarter

Baker Road Lift Station Reconstruction

Reconstruction of existing lift station

$4.5M 1st quarter

Neighborhood Street Reconstruction- Bay Oaks Harbor

Angelfish, Bluebill, Heron Inlet, Gulls Cut, Flamingo & Egret


1st quarter

Annexation Utilities - Connally Area Package 1

Water and Sanitary Sewer


2nd quarter

Garth Road Widening Ph. A & B Utility Relocations

Water and Sanitary Sewer Relocation along ROW


2nd quarter

Chambers Commons Utilities

Lift Station, force main and gravity sewer


2nd quarter

Robert E Lee HS Drainage Re-route Improvements

Drainage improvements (enclosed and open channel)


2nd quarter

Annexation Utilities - Sjolander / Crosby Cedar Bayou / Barkuloo Area Package 2

Water and Sanitary Sewer


3rd quarter

Annexation Utilities - Blue Heron Lift Station Package 3

Lift Station Improvements


3rd quarter

East District WWTP PH. 1 CDBG-DR

Construct operations building, RAS/WAS pumps & SCADA system


4th quarter

South Main Drainage PH. 2

Enclosed and open channel drainage improvements


4th quarter

IH-10 Lift Station#1 Improvements

Reconstruction of lift station and force main


4th quarter

Raw Water Pump Rehabilitation

Replacement of Canal and Forebay pumps



Garth Road Widening Ph. A & B Widening

Roadway widening, drainage traffic