DEMO (1)The first step, in qualifying to become a Baytown Firefighter, centers on an individual’s ability to meet certain educational, mental, and physical standards that have been established by the department. These eligibility requirements enable us to accurately gauge your capacity to meet the rigorous demands of firefighting and medical duties.

 Applicants must meet ALL of the following requirements to be eligible for the exam:

  1. Applicant must be at least 19 years of age and less than 37 years of age by the date of hire.
  2. Applicant must possess a High School Diploma or GED at the time of examination.
  3. An applicant may take the test if they have a course completion from an accredited Paramedic Program.
  4. An applicant must possess certification through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians as an Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic or as a Texas Department of State Health Services certified Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic at the time of appointment.
  5. Applicant must be a United States Citizen.
  6. Applicant must not have been discharged from any military service under less than honorable conditions.
  7. Applicant must be successful in meeting Baytown standards for all supplemental questions relating to criminal history.

During the course of your application, you will receive a Civil Service examination, physical and psychological examination, a polygraph exam and an Oral Review Board session. Should you successfully conclude the period of testing and evaluation by performing at or above the level of other candidates, you may be invited to become a Baytown Firefighter. Those individuals that are paramedic only and successful in joining the BFD family will be required to obtain their firefighter certification through the Texas Commission on Fire Protection within their first year of employment. BFD will support and assist new employees with their Fire Certification process.