Billing Information & Due Dates

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Payment Options

The City of Baytown has contracted with JP Morgan Chase Bank to receive payments for utility bills online, by phone, or in person.

How to Figure Out Your Bill

Single Family Water Rate Structure

  • Calculated per 1,000 Gallons
  • Base facility or customer charge is $11.15 for water
  • Base facility or customer charge is $12.04 for sewer
0 to 2,999 gallons$2.57$2.81
3,000 to 6,999 gallons$5.60$6.08
7,000 to 12,999 gallons$6.71$6.08
13,000 to 17,999 gallons$8.74$0.00
Over 18,000 gallons$11.36$0.00

Sample Calculation if Billed for 5,000 Gallons for Water

  1. 2 times $2.57 = $5.14
  2. 3 times $5.60 = $16.80
  3. Base Charge $11.15
  4. Garbage and Recycle $30.00
  5. Municipal Drainage Utility Service (MDUS) $3.00
  6. Total of $66.09

Sample Calculation if Billed for 5,000 Gallons for Sewer

  1. 2 times $2.81 = $5.62
  2. 3 times $6.18 = $18.24
  3. Base Charge is $12.04
  4. Total of $35.90
  5. Final Bill Calculation
  6. Add the total from the water bill of $66.09 
  7. To the the total from the sewer bill of $35.90
  8. To obtain the final total of $101.99

Payment Assistance

Payment Arrangements

  • We offer payment arrangements to qualifying account holders. 
  •  If you are unable to pay your utility bill, please contact Customer Service at (281) 420-6515 prior to service interruption to inquire about your eligibility.
  • If approved, the payment arrangement will extend the due date for the past due amount only to allow additional time to make the payment.   
  • While on a payment arrangement the current bill must be paid on or before the due date with no exceptions.  
  • No penalties are applied and the customer is not subject to disconnection as long as the terms of the arrangement are met.  
  • Failure to make the payments as scheduled will void the arrangement, the services will be disconnected and the entire account balance must be paid before the services will be restored.

Resource Information  

There are some circumstances and situations where the City is unable to assist the customer with payment options.  However there are several local entities (not affiliated with the City) who have resources available and may be able to assist if certain criteria is met.  Those organizations are listed below:

LocationContact Information
Baytown Resource Center
Love Inc.
Gulf Coast Community Services281-426-4757
Harris County Social Services713-696-1900
Sheltering Arms713-956-1888