Robert E Lee High School Drainage Re-Route

This project will re-align drainage facilities around Robert E. Lee High School to the public right of way. The proposed drainage system consists of approximately 1,200 linear feet of underground storm sewer and 700 linear feet of open channel facilities that border Gentry Street and Lee Drive and converge in the vicinity of Bicentennial Park.

The existing drainage facility designated as HCFCD Unit No. O101-01-00 has experienced a collapse of the storm sewer pipe on Goose Creek Consolidated Independent School District (GCCISD) property at the high school, near the baseball field. The collapse created a sink hole on school grounds and was a disruption to stormwater flows coming from the east through that system. To resolve the issue and limit further damage, O101-01-00 and HCFCD Unit No. O101-01-01 upstream (south) of the school site are proposed to be rerouted to a new drainage system running south and east of the GCCISD property. The existing system on GCCISD property shall be abandoned in place to prevent further future collapses. The rerouting offsite drainage flows eastward via the new drainage system will prevent future damage and consolidate drainage maintenance and conveyance.

Project Status: Design

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