Neighborhood Street Reconstruction of Fairway Dr. and Savell Dr.

A street reconstruction project for Savell Drive and Fairway Drive is an ongoing active project. This estimated cost of this project is $3.85 million for Savell Drive and $2.05 million for Fairway Drive.

WHY is the project needed: This project is necessary because the pavement is failing in several places, and the water lines are at the end of their service life.

HOW LONG will the project take: This project should take approximately 10 months to complete.

WHAT are the project improvements exactly: This reconstruction includes new roadway, new drive approaches, 5-foot wide sidewalk, and upgraded barrier free pedestrian ramps throughout the project.

  1. Project Updates

Fairway and Savell is an ongoing (active) project. Savell is at about 90% complete and Fairway is more than half way done.