Nature Center Project

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The project will include improvements to the Nature Center Overlook trail at 6213 Bayway Drive. 

WHY is this project needed: The slope of the Nature Center Overlook Pavilion was failing and needed restoration.

WHAT are the project improvements: The project will begin with clearing the slope and reinforcing the ground with additional dirt. Next, the walkway to the overlook will be redirected the opposite direction as previously in place in order to establish a walkway with more resistance to weathering. Finally, the new concrete pathway will be laid.

July 18, 2022 Update

The walkway has new forms set and are being prepared for concrete to be poured.Nature Center Overlook Trail

July 28, 2022 Update

The new concrete has been poured for the walkway and all that remains for this project is to plant grass seed and keep it watered until grass is established. 

Nature Center Overlook Trail