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President Brenda Bradley Smith
Member Brandon Benoit
Secretary Wayne Baldwin
Member Frank Fay McKay III
Member Mike Wilson


In the Baytown area, withdrawal of groundwater over the years has caused saltwater intrusion affecting water quality and causing severe area subsidence.  Feasibility studies were conducted that recommended a conversion to surface water.

On June 15, 1973, the State Legislature passed House Bill 967 that created the Baytown Area Water Authority (BAWA).  Construction of the purification plant began in June 1978 and was completed in April 1981.  The plant was designed for an average daily capacity of 13.5 million gallons and peak capacity of 19.5 million gallons.  In September 2002, the plant completed construction to increase the average daily capacity to 19.5 million gallons and peak capacity to 26 million gallons.

BAWA wholesales to:

  • The City of Baytown
  • Harris County Water Control & Improvement District #1 (Highlands)
  • Harris County Fresh Water Supply District #1A (McNair)
  • Harris County Fresh Water Supply District #1B (Highlands)
  • Harris County Fresh Water Supply District #27 (Coady)
  • Lake Municipal Utility District (Meadowlake, Toyota of Baytown, Highland Ranch, Bay River Colony, and West Meadows)
  • C & R Water Supply (Cedar Bayou)
  • Country Terrace Water Supply (Wallisville Road)

The total population of the area presently served is approximately 81,000.

Description of Process

Raw water is pumped twenty-six miles from the Trinity River near Moss Bluff via the Coastal Water Industrial Authority canal. Our canal pumps lift raw water to a twenty million gallon reservoir, which is about a two-day supply of water for the plant.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) requires that a surface water treatment plant must perform four major unit processes in water purification, which are: flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection. In addition, the plant must perform taste and odor control and produce stable water for corrosion control.

All of the water is filtered through dual media filters and stored in three ground storage tanks that contain a total of 13.5 million gallons. The finished water is pumped, on demand, by electric driven pumps. A diesel driven pump is operated during emergencies and when there is a loss of electrical power.

Reliability and Quality

City of Baytown employees staff the plant 24 hours a day and the operators are licensed by TCEQ. BAWA is in compliance with all U.S. EPA, TCEQ, and the Texas Department of Health regulations applicable to surface water treatment, analysis, and operations. BAWA has completed all tracer studies necessary for compliance with the Surface Water Treatment Rule. On March 14, 2002, a revised CT Study was approved by the TCEQ to reflect the recent expansion.

Recognition & Awards

  • BAWA has achieved “Optimum Corrosion Control” status by TCEQ for having no lead and/or copper leaching out of customer’s home plumbing. The plant has been placed on reduced monitoring status by TCEQ because of the acceptable test results.
  • In December 1997, BAWA received the TCEQ’s “Superior Water Rating”.
  • In May 1999, BAWA received the “Texas Optimization Program” award. This is the highest award a surface water treatment plant can receive and BAWA was the 4th surface water treatment plant out of 400 in the State of Texas to receive this honor.
  • In March 2003, BAWA received from TCEQ a “Certificate For Outstanding Performance” for having no violations related to the “Total Coliform Rule” during the five-year period of 1997-2001.


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