Vision, Mission, & Values

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Our Vision:

To be a progressive community that values quality of life, diverse economic opportunities
and civic pride as we honor our past and shape our future.

Our Mission:

To balance public resources and services
in order to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the community,
enhance quality of life, and plan for the future.

Our Foundation for Success:

Live the City's Core Values
• Leadership: we show others the way

• Integrity: we earn and honor the trust of others

• Teamwork: we help each other succeed

• Excellence: we understand our jobs and take pride in doing them well

• Respect: we conduct our business with courtesy, kindness and fairness

• Service: we anticipate our customers' needs and provide solutions

Get better all the time
• Innovate by learning from others and evaluating how we can improve the way we provide services

• Ask customers and employees how we can improve

• Train employees to perform their jobs at higher levels

• Develop employees within their current positions and grow leaders from within the organization

• Always step back when making a decision and consider who needs to be involved and who needs to be informed of what is happening, whether it's the public or fellow employees

Make every decision with the future in mind
• Will the decision make Baytown a better place to live, work and visit?

• What impact will the decision have on Baytown in 20 years?

• Will the decision have a positive impact on Baytown's community spirit

Give back
• Positively impact the Baytown area as public servants and as members of the community