Graffiti Abatement

Locate and paint over any graffiti located on buildings, fences, streets, sidewalks, etc.  This is an effort to help curb gang activity. To report graffiti, call: (281) 420-6662.

The Baytown Police Graffiti Abatement Program was implemented to help keep our city clean and attractive. In 1989, the West Baytown Civic Association started a Graffiti Abatement Program for their area. By 1992, the Police Department had joined them to create a program for the entire city. Today, that program assists local businesses and residents in graffiti abatement.

Baytown Police Officers and Volunteers, as well as the municipal juvenile probationers (R.A.P.) and the Baytown C.L.E.A.N. Team provide the labor and donated materials needed to "paint over" or remove graffiti. We feel that the immediate removal of graffiti is necessary to reduce further risk of continuing incidents. Officers and/or Volunteers either use solvents to remove the graffiti or paint over the graffiti with an appropriate paint.

To file a police report for possible criminal charges, please call (281) 422-8371. To get assistance to paint over graffiti on your property in Baytown, please contact the Baytown Police Department’s Crime Prevention Division at (281) 422-5152 or fill out the Graffiti Abatement Request form.

Please help us to "Paint Out Graffiti!"